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Safety and Inspection

Our comprehensive 10-point inspection on each bike before every ride gives all our clients the reassurance that they can have the safest, trouble free and enjoyable experience.

We are here to help, and to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable trips in discovering this wonderful part of the world.

Informations & FAQs

Safety FAQs
  • How do I book an eBike?
    Simple. Just click our 'Book an eBike' button on the website, and follow the steps to select your eBike, date and your hotel or residence code. You can then proceed with payment via Paypal, or a valid credit card.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    We do not take a cash deposit, nor do we action a credit card block deposit. Fully Charged eBikes will require your valid ID (passport or driving licence) as security against damage, theft and non-return, as part of our Terms and Conditions. This will be kept safely with Fully Charged or at the hotel safe custody. In the event of a dispute, or you have incurred a valid cost, your documents will only be released when the dispute and payment is resolved. We will always ensure that fair and reasonable mediation takes place as per our Terms and Conditions.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel upto 1 hour prior to the agreed collection time (daily at 9am) Any cancellation made within 1 hour of the booking will be refunded with a deduction of €5 per eBike. If the cancellation is due to a medical, health or other circumstance which was unavoidable and urgent our team will be happy to discuss and assess a full refund.
  • Do I need to sign a Waiver?
    Yes. Agreeing to the terms and conditions at the checkout counts as you signing the Waiver and agreeing to all of our poilcies. You must be 18 or over to tick the checkbox and order an eBike.
  • Are there any age restrictions to ride the bike?
    Yes. The minimum age to ride the eBike is 14 years old. However you must be 18 or over to place the order for the eBike.
  • Are there any weight restrictions?
    Yes. The maximum weight of the rider cannot exceed 125kg on a RadRhino and a total of 100kg on a RadRunner (can accomodate 2 persons)
  • When and where do I need to return the bike?
    Our Terms and Condition contain the full details. The eBikes must be returned to the point of original collection no later than the time stated on the booking. Late returns will incur a €10 per hour charge as per our Terms and Conditions. If the eBike is returned more than 3 hours late.
  • Am I insured?
    We provide 3rd party liability, and public liability insurance for the bikes. We also have theft cover for the eBike which has an excess of €250, which is payable by the eBike renter in the event of theft. All bikes are provided with high security locks, and in the the event of theft, the incident must be reported with the police. Any loss of accessories such as helmet, locks, child seats, trailer will be payable by the customer as per our Terms and Conditions.
  • Can we rent the eBikes over a period of days?
    No, the maximum and only rental period is a 1 Full Day Rental. This would be from 9am to 6pm.
Terms and Conditions








The term "Owner" refers to the company who own and are authorised to rent the eBikes, namely Fully Charged EBikes. The term “Equipment” shall include any equipment rented from or provided by Fully Charged eBikes. The term "Vehicle" refers to the electric pedal assist bicycle rented from Fully Charged eBikes. The term "Customer" or "Renter" is the renter, payer or authorised user of  the eBike. This will include all members a any party or group booking associated with the Renter.
The Renter agrees that the Vehicle or Vehicles rented will only be used by the named authorised individuals.
The Renter agrees not to use the eBike and/or not to allow the eBike to be used in the following situations:
a) For riding on unpaved, or unauthorised, roads or those in such condition that they may represent a risk to the Vehicle.
b) For passenger transport for hire or reward or against payment
c) For pushing or towing any vehicle or any other object, whether wheeled or otherwise
d) For participating in sports competitions or events, whether official or otherwise
e) For testing the resistance of materials, accessories or products for the Vehicle (unless authorised by the Owner)
f) Where ridden by persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, other toxic substances or any other substances (whether legal or illegal) that directly or indirectly reduce their ability to react
g) For transporting flammable and/or hazardous, toxic, harmful and/or radioactive goods that contravene the applicable legal provisions, as well as the transport of goods having a weight, quantity and/or volume exceeding that authorised by law or by the Vehicle Registration Document
h) For transporting passengers in a number exceeding that authorised or for transporting children.
i) For transporting live animals (except pets, provided that authorised in advance by the Owner)
j) With a luggage carrier or similar device, other than that supplied by the Owner
k) The Renter agrees to lock the eBike when it is not in use and to respect the Portugese Road Law and pedestrians right of way, when parking the eBike as well as to protect and safeguard, at all times, the keys of the eBike by adopting appropriate measures to prevent the theft or loss thereof.

Fully Charged eBikes, its agents, affiliates, partners and employees shall not be responsible for personal injuries or property damage, loss or delay incurred by any person arising out of the act of negligence of any direct or supplemental carrier or other person rendering any of the services or products being offered in these rentals; nor shall Fully Charged eBikes be responsible for any injuries, death, damage, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of Fully Charged eBikes, or of any agent, partner, affiliate or supplier, or due to force majeure.

Fully Charged eBikes has Civil Liability Insurance cover.

Our eBikes may not be driven outside a radius of 30km from the location where the rental was collected, on motorways, or outside Portugal. The vehicle cannot be used in sporting events or off-road. The Vehicle must be driven exclusively by the renter or an authorized additional driver.
We strongly recommend the use of approved helmets whenever mounted on a electric bicycle.  Helmets are provided at no extra cost. The bicycles provided for use are in good working order and operating condition and participants agree to use them at their own risk or call deficiencies to the attention of a company representative. Instruction in the use of bicycles will be provided and participants affirm that they are familiar with the use of a multi-speed bicycle. 
Renters of the Vehicle cannot be under 16 years of age.
The Renter agrees to pay the Owner the cost of rental for the agreed time period. The price will include all taxes and fees.

The Owner may further charge the Renter for the services the former is required to perform due to incidents that may have occurred during the rental period and/or owed as a result of the manner in which the Renter has used the Vehicle. The value of those services or expenses are listed in the costs schedule, which is available upon collection of the Vehicle. Such services and expenses include, without limitation:

  • The value of damage and/or theft to which the Vehicle is subject, in whole or in part, dependant on the particular circumstance.

  • The amount to be charged to the Renter for the damage to the Vehicle shall be calculated according to the respective parts price list, which is available to the Renter to view at . In any case, the maximum liability of the Renter in this situation shall not exceed the value of the Vehicle, as indicated on the website.

  • The amount corresponding to any pecuniary charges in the event of any violation of applicable law, in particular the Highway Code, committed by the Renter, as well as expenses resulting from any delays in payments and also such legal and extrajudicial expenses as are incurred by the Owner as a result of that mentioned above.

  • The costs of obtaining duplicates and/or replacing a set of keys for the Vehicle  in the event of loss

  • Costs resulting from cases in which the roadside assistance company contracted by the Owner has been used during the rental period to resolve incidents related to: (i) error, negligence, or improper use of the Vehicle by the Renter, (ii) loss or theft of keys, (iii)  recovery of the Vehicle from places inappropriate for transit or on hardpack soil tracks.

Payment method: Payment by the Renter to the Owner of the amounts indicated above shall be made by means of:

  • a) A credit card;

  • b) Cash;

We require a damage deposit/security in the form of 

  • driver’s license

  • passport 

  • photo ID of the Renter, or one member of the party if it is a group booking

 Your deposit document will be securely held by either; Fully Charged eBikes or the Hotel in safe custody. Any deposit given by the customer shall be applied to and guarantee the faithful performance of all the provisions of this agreement and all repairs necessary to said equipment. If any action is brought to enforce any of the terms of conditions of this agreement, or to recover any sums due to hereunder, customer agrees to pay all legal fees, court costs, or other expenses.

Late return fees:
All equipment must be returned directly to its original location, designated drop off point or wherever agreed.  Fully Charged eBikes are rented for standard periods of 8 hours.  We allow a 30 minute late return grace period from your established return time.  Delays beyond the grace period will be charged at €10 per hour or fraction of an hour.

All our bikes are professionally serviced and maintained, however bicycles may need tuning or maintenance during the course of the rental period. Fully Charged eBikes will cover the cost of damages due to equipment failures beyond the renters control; i.e. worn or previously damaged parts.  Fully Charged eBikes are responsible for structural deficiencies such as brakes, bottom brackets, suspension and wheel hubs. Fully Charged eBikes are not responsible for the following occurrences during bike rental:  punctures / broken spokes / broken chains / broken derailleurs / wheel rim damage / gear tune-ups or damage beyond the control of Fully Charged eBikes. 

Each Vehicle is provided with a fully charged inspected battery pack. The range of the available charge is dependent on a series of variables including, distance travelled, difficulty of road/path incline, passenger weight, power level usage. The battery should provide sufficient charge to assist the EBike between 35km and 60km. The Renter will be responsible to ensure that they return the Vehicle to its original location.
Fully Charged eBikes will provide roadside recovery in the event of a breakdown, technical or mechanical failure or incident whereby the Renter is unable to utilise the Vehicle and return it to its original location.

Customer agrees he/she will return the equipment in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and to repair and replace lost or stolen, damaged or broken bicycles or parts or to reimburse Fully Charged eBikes for said equipment.  Stolen or damaged equipment will be charged for at full replacement cost as per the Rad Power Bikes website  Therefore regardless of the party at fault, customer understands and agrees to be responsible for the theft or damage to said equipment. The Renter shall assume liability for any and all damage or loss to personal property, accident / injury to other persons related to said rental equipment
Customer understands and agrees that any subleasing or sale of rental equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease shall immediately cause termination and cancellation of this contract.

Fully Charged eBikes do not provide personal accident insurance policy.  We strongly recommend that you always carry a personal or travel insurance policy. 

Customer agrees that Fully Charged eBikes has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and retake possession of said equipment.

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